Our 5th Season

Our 5th Season

We are starting our 5th season selling flowers to buy Christmas presents for those in need which is really awesome because Maggie is only 10! We have been very blessed in the past with tons of support which has allowed us to buy hundreds of gifts for those in need. So please stop by either the Hudsonville stand or the Zeeland stand this summer, buy a bouquet, and help someone receive a gift this Christmas.

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  1. Kathy doornbos

    Says August 10, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    Hello maggie,
    My name is kathy doornbos and i am a grandmother who grows flowers. My husband tom has planted rows of zinneas and miniture teddy bear sunfl o wers. Do you have a good supply
    Already on hand..or would u like some more to pick? U can e mail me if u desire.
    Sincerely, kathy

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