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Our 2nd location

We are excited to announce we are opening a second location in Zeeland at our friends house at 549 E Main so if you are in Zeeland stop by and get your flowers!!

Kohls Cares Program

We are humbled to have been nominated, and excited to have won the Kohls Cares Scholarship Program at the local level. They acknowledge kids who are making an impact in their community. Its a nice encouragement to Maggie to continue doing good in her community and hopefully show other kids her age that they canContinue Reading

2014 Season

  Getting ready for the 2014 flowers season. We know its going to be a great one. We are looking forward to selling lots of flowers which turns in to lots of  gifts being purchased to help make sure no one goes with out at Christmas. Happy Spring!!!

Thank You

We had a nice visit with the family Maggie helped after they lost everything in a house fire. Because of your generosity Maggie was able to replace the Christmas gifts the kids had lost. They wanted to say thank you to Maggie and to you: “Thank you Maggie for your big kind heart and alsoContinue Reading

Friendship fire and flowers

A good friend of Maggie’s from school lost his house to a fire yesterday. Being that she doesn’t have any flowers right now she is looking for another way to raise money to help. So if you have any pop cans she would love to take them off your hands or you can donate moneyContinue Reading

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. This signifies the end of our season and the culmination of a lot of hard work. This year we raised a little over $1800 which is a staggering sum that still seems un real. With that we were able to purchase nearly 150 gift which were given out to babies who weren’tContinue Reading

UN planting

Just got done UNplanting the garden… our least favorite part of all. Dahlias (we have about 300) need to be dug up each fall so they can be re planted the next year, the cosmos and zinnias needed to be yanked out, fences pulled down, and other assorted items picked up. All of it resultingContinue Reading

End of the flower season

As the flower season comes to a close I (mom) want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for your support of Maggie’s Flowers this year. Whether you were a regular customer or only bought once, if you sent money through PayPal or se…nt a card in the mail, encouraged her on here,Continue Reading

The goal is in sight

As October starts it signals the end of the growing season for us. October is our day to day month. As long as the weather permits we will continue to sell flowers but they could be here today gone tomorrow. The great part of that is this year we can see our goal. We neverContinue Reading

WMUK interview

Here is my interview with my friend Hannah from Hannah’s heART on WMUK..