Maggie’s Story

In the spring 2010 Maggie, having just turned 5, decided she wanted to go hang gliding during a family trip to North Carolina. Good news was the minimum age to hang glide was 5 but the cost was $100. Her parents not wanting  to say no but also not having the $100 to give her started brain storming ways to raise the funds. That’s how Maggie’s Flowers was born. She planted the seeds, tended the garden and created the bouquets she would sell in a stand made just for her by her grandpa for just $1. That summer she made $200 which was enough for her and her dad to go hang gliding. The next spring she again wanted to grow and sell flowers. This year though she would only use half of the money for herself for a trip to Chicago to the Museum of Science and Industry. The other half would be used to buy Christmas presents for kids in need. Once she reached the $300 mark it was quickly decided that she would only keep $150 for her self and anything above that would go towards purchasing the Christmas presents. Her total that summer was $476. With that she purchased 30 gifts for kids in need and adopted a family of 11 buying each of them a need and a want as well as a Christmas dinner. 2012 brought no plans of stopping. Maggie again wanted to grow and sell her flowers. This year the $150 she raised was used for a trip to Washington DC with her grandparents. A total of $1137 was made which allowed her to open a Christmas Closet where parents could come and choose gifts for their children, 67 kids received gifts through the Christmas Closet. Maggie also adopted a family with a single mom trying to raise her 2 kids as well as 3 of her sisters kids after her sister passed away. The family received toys, socks, underware, and new clothes for all the kids, and a new winter coat scarf and gloves for mom. Household items were also purchased along with extra groceries and a Christmas dinner. 2013 season was also a huge success. $1832 was raised which was used to purchase 60 presents for the Christmas closet. 3 families were adopted and needs and wants were taken care of for each family member as well as Christmas dinners. Also 12 residents from a local nursing home were chosen and gifts were purchased for them as well.