Thank You

As we get ever closer to Christmas and we prepare to deliver our last gifts tomorrow I wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for your support, and encouragement of Maggie through her flowers that allows her to honor her giving heart and bless others with gifts this Christmas. We are so humbled by the almost $2,500 she raised this year which gave her the $200 she needed to go to church camp and so much more for blessing others. This is a break down of what the other $2,200+ bought: 85 toys, 4 watches, 3 necklaces, 4 dvds, 38 shirts, 15 pairs of pants, 4 hairbows, 4 socks, 3 slippers, 2 winter coats, 5 pairs of shoes, 6 books, 2 headphones, 10 lotion/perfume sets, 5 hats/gloves/scarves, 2 wallets, 1 tool, 2 handkerchief sets, lots of candy, food and over $100 in gift cards. NONE of this would be possible with out you and we just want to say THANK YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS! ~MOM

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